Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love seeing all the stylish gift guides that come out this time of year, but I'm always more curious about the toys people actually own and love because as lovely as some gifts are, they don't always appeal to kids or stand up to wear as well as we'd like.  On that note, Meta, Merrilee, and I thought you might like to know about a few of the toys we each own and love.  Here's my list.
1.  Kid O A to Z Magnatag- you use a magnetic stylus to pull up little metal beads to "write" and then erase them by running your fingers over them.  Creed hated to practice writing so I picked up this toy and even he cannot resist its charms, but Ollie sneaks it away every chance he gets.  2.  Melissa and Doug Discovery Magic Set- I was surprised at how well-made and sturdy these magic tricks are.  They've survived many a performance and still work like new.  It's recommended for ages six and up, but Creed got this set for his fifth birthday and all the Five-year olds loved it and have no problem with the tricks.  3.  Plan Toys Animal Memo- The tiles are all so cute and their thick, curved shape make them easy for little hands to turn over.  4.  Haba Block on Tackle- I don't know that you need this particular pulley, this is just the one we happened to get on sale, but the pulley from one floor to another in our house is the first thing kids want to play with when they come over (they have to be supervised with it of course)  5. Janod Rocket- Creed's been able to take this apart and put it back together since he was tiny and the magnetic pieces have always amused him.  6.  Haba Ball Track Construction Set- My favorite thing about this marble run is all the interesting pieces that you can add to it.  We plan to add a piece each year which always renews interest in an old toy, and it's the kind of set that's worth holding onto for grandkids someday.  7.  The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game- If you've ever playing Hi-Ho Cherrio, this is basically the same game only so much cuter!  8. Schylling Musical Bells- Not only are they pretty, they have really pretty tones, but you just might have to leave the room if the whole neighborhood is over playing them because they are LOUD.  9.  Automoblox- Every time my kids take these out and about, people stop us to ask them about them.  These little wooden cars have interchangable parts so you can collect them and build all sort of cars.  Creed prefers the small size (which are much more reasonably priced) because we have more of them and he loves to switch up the pieces. Ollie prefers the large ones because little people sit in them and he loves matching the shapes on their feet to get them all into the car.


Larry said...

Just seeing these makes me happy. Much love from all of these. The rocket I still think is cool. And Automoblox - I'd need some even if we didn't have kids. And what other bells would provide for bell parades all around the house?

Allison Hill said...

I ordered quite a few things for my boys off your list. I love your sense of style and loved seeing what toys are hits at your house and worth spending money on! Thank you!

Amy said...

Just saw this so I'm too late for Christmas but will buy a few for birthdays. We have that memory set as well and love that it is cute, sturdy and travels well. Thanks for sharing!