Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled program

A week or so ago we headed out to pick up a Christmas tree.  We almost didn't buy one at all because Ollie is still at the age where Christmas trees pose a danger, and I drew a giant tree on a canvas in our living room so it feels festive enough, but it just didn't feel like Christmas without a real tree so we ventured out to find one.

Friends recommended Baum's Christmas Trees (1650 N. 1250 W.), a family owned business located right in their yard, and the trees were so fresh and cheap! (And I didn't know they still sold flocked trees like that. I haven't seen one in ages)
It was so fun walking around and we will absolutely buy our tree there next year.

This year, however, we headed to a different lot because Creed spotted some tiny trees on an earlier drive by and fell in love, and a tiny tree seemed like a good idea to us when keeping Ollie in mind so everyone was happy (the tiny tree actually cost about as much as a 6 ft tree at Baum's, which made me laugh, but they didn't have any that small at Baum's)

 So we found the tree that was just right for us this year.

 And as if the day wasn't filled with enough cheer, we ran into this site on our way.
 That's right, a race with hundreds of Santa.  It was awesome! We drove around the block and got stuck in traffic and it was totally worth it to watch the Santas for a few more minutes.
 Lighting and decorating the tiny tree was so easy that I might be tempted to buy a tiny tree every year.


amyh said...

We have a tiny tree this year, too! I love it.

Larry said...

I love our little tree. And I miss the Santa run. It should occur daily in December, for our enjoyment!

Brian Borup said...

I don't see this running Santa in your photos. :(

Mom said...

What's a flocked tree? Do they spray stuff on it?

Nikki said...

I *love* the tiny tree! And I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been through recently, Steph! Love to you all!