Friday, July 22, 2011

A Place To Call Home

Each time we move, I like to take pictures of our little family on the doorstep so we can look back and show the boys how little they were when we moved in.

I wish I could show you the versions with the whole house in the background, but, you know, stranger danger and all . . . 

These boys are so very, very adorable.

 They have my heart!
 And so does this guy!
 We're so happy to finally have a place to call home!


Brittany said...

The outside of this house looks so familiar to me. I can't help but think it's near where my grandma used to live. Next time we're in town I'll have to drive her by and see if she remembers any of the old tenants. I can't wait to see looks just amazing!!!!

Art For Little Hands said...

Steph, your boys are so adorable and so old. I love these pictures. For some reason that house looks so familiar to me. I am trying to look back in my memory and wonder if I perhaps had a friend or relative live in a similar home. I will keep thinking.

Annie said...

Sweet! ollie looks so big:) hope everything is lovely for you guys!

amyh said...

Adorable kids!