Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yellowstone Reunion.

We were going to take our time checking out of the hotel and head home on our last day in Yellowstone, but the craziest thing happened; my sister Marissa called my mom to tell her that she was driving from her home in Canada to go to a funeral in Idaho and they planned to stop in Yellowstone on the way down.  What are the chances we would both be in Yellowstone at the same time?  We had to stay a few more hours to meet up with them, especially since Creed and his cousin Logan are BFFs and always ask to see each other.  They were thrilled!  And we got to watch Old Faithful again with Marissa's family!

 And Creed had to take Logan back to see his favorite Mud pots.
 I thought I had more pictures of them, but I realized that I took them on Marissa's camera so I'll have to steal some from her blog.
 It was a pretty perfect end to a really great trip.  I'm really excited to take the boys back again in a few years when we can be a little more adventurous.  Marissa says they'll meet up with us the next time too.


Larry said...

Seriously, how random to run into Marissa et al. in Yellowstone? And how great that Logan needed a coonskin cap like Creed. The pictures are priceless!

mandi said...

Wow! You guys went to Yellowstone! That is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. It's a hard place to get to from Texas. Darn you Texas! Why do you have to be so far south?!?!