Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Step In The Right Direction

Riss was asking me for some updated pictures of progress on the house so the rest of you get a sneak peek too. On the bright side, things are really coming together and I'm going to try not to focus on some of the problems that we still have to work out.

Here's a picture of the old laundry that's right off the kitchen.  It will be a butler's pantry soon. (see that light, I'm not talking about it)
 And speaking of the kitchen, the wall is gone, overhead lights are up, the floor is patched and refinished (you can't tell because it's covered with brown paper and construction mess), the base cabinets have gone in and the countertops should go in around Monday (hooray!).
 And we have doors in the house again!!!!!  I never knew I could be so excited about doors, but they had to take the old doors out to template the new ones (they were junky and many of them were missing so they had to be replaced and we decided to put in new solid wood doors).  Going to the bathroom with all the construction crew around without doors in the house was a problem.  They are not the very light birch doors that we were expecting (some of them are really orange), but let's focus on the positive today.
 Creed's room is coming together.  We're just waiting for some hardware that was missing for that light.
 The big wooden ball in this picture is the rest of the light, just waiting to go up.  And look, there are closet doors now!
 What used to be a second kitchen in an upstairs bedroom closet (so weird, right?) has been converted to a laundry room.  There was a problem with the tile so as soon as we come up with some new tile, the floor will go in.  Any suggestions?
 And maybe most exciting of all, we have new stairs and landings!!!!!  They should be finished up this week, and they are looking really good so far.  A few people have been asking me about these and thinking they are deadly for my children, but they are not as scary as they look.  The stairs are each three inches thick, which only leaves a four inch gap between them.  It's up to code here and no children will be able to slip through them (the railing above this with six inch gaps, now that's another story), of course, Creed and Ollie have already had lectures on being careful and not playing on these stairs, just in case, and we will have baby-gates up for Ollie's protection for a while.
 Even though the house is chaotic the kids love going over there and rediscovering all their toys that have been in storage for the last year.
So, we don't have any appliances or running drinking water, but I think we're moving over to the new house this afternoon, because believe it or not, my parents' house is under even more construction than ours.  Their new wood floors are being sanded as I type and the toxic stain will be applied this evening so it will no longer be an option to stay here.  Wish us good luck!


Kersten said...

Oh man, I totally feel your pain on this — I'm so sorry that it's taken a lot longer than you thought it would! It will be incredibly awesome when it's all over, though. We can't wait to see you guys and the spiffed-up new place!

Erin said...

I love the house! The windows are amazing! I can't wait to see it when it's done :)

R said...

Weird coincidence. But I'm pretty sure your parents were in line behind me at security at the airport the day I flew out. I didn't have a chance to say hi with trying to get through security by myself with both girls. But it was such a strange coincidence.
Hope they enjoyed wherever they were going to!

Malinovka said...

I love the ceiling-high windows! Creed's room will be so perfect for him to play and imagine. And the basement looks perfect for playing and entertaining. Oh, good luck getting things all put together! Hope it will turn out just the way you want.

that's what she said...

creed's ceiling is amazing! and all that natural light and space....dreamy. beautiful home with lots of potential to be even more amazing once you make it yours. Congrats!