Thursday, January 21, 2010

Salt Lake City Spotlight

Back in the day when I lived in Columbus, I used to post little reviews of some of the fun places that we visited around town, but I stopped doing that when I moved to Utah because one of my favorite blogs, Your Heart Out, did such a great job covering things that I didn't think my own reviews were necessary. I was so sad to hear that YHO is taking an indefinite break! While I can't come even close to replacing them, I have vowed to try to blog about some of my favorite places around town.

This is sort of a silly one to start with, but do you have a favorite donut shop in Salt Lake? When Larry was craving donuts the other day, the only real donut shop that I could think of was Branbury Cross, which I think is just ok. A gas station in our neighborhood used to carry donuts made way out in Roy from The Hole that were amazing!!! Why would I even know that, you ask? The gas station had a sign in their window stating they sold "Utah's biggest and best donuts" and after passing the sign many times, Larry HAD to investigate. We found the sign to be true. Sadly, that gas station just closed so we were forced to go on a search for Utah's next biggest and best donuts. After some investigation, I believe that we have found them at Fresh Donut and Deli at 2699 S. State. It's a hole in the wall that shows its age, but the donuts are so good! I don't even like Bear Claws, but they said they were the best so I had to try it and I agree!
We ate our donut's in the shop (because Creed couldn't wait and they had two yellow tables he really wanted to try out) and it was nice to see they had a lot of regular customers and many knew the woman behind the counter by name. If you're in the neighborhood, stop and try them out.


susan said...

I'm sad about YHO too. I really loved that site. It made Utah cool in many ways.

As for the The Hole donuts, I agree! We live close to Roy, and I send my husband on Saturday morning donut runs more often than I'd like to admit.

Alissa said...

why you gotta show this pregnant woman donuts?! don't you know the cravings you bring on!?

Anna said...

I know you live up on the east bench, but if you are ever out on the west side of town there is a donut factory called "Dunford Bakers" that has a store on site at their factory. They sell donuts at local gas stations as well, but I'm sure the ones at their factory are the freshest---I used to stop there sometimes in high school since it was on the way home (in a round about way....).

Best of luck. Donuts are good. I can go for a cream filled bismark or a chocolate glazed with sprinkes...any day. :)

Megan said...

I knew I liked you! I too, will try a donut, because well, you never know, AND we have the same taste in sweaters! :)

madge said...

Last time I was in SLC (we live in portland) we stopped at Mrs. Backers Bakery for Donuts. I thought they were super delicious. Donuts are my all weakness. There in nothing better.