Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking forward to a New Year!

I haven't finished putting together my New Year's resolutions because in all honesty, looking ahead to what 2010 will bring to our little family is bringing me a bit of anxiety. Of course I'm very excited to meet Tiny Ford, but at times I am overwhelmed by the idea of having two kids. Yes, we wanted this and prayed for this, but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous and sad to think how much it will turn poor Creed's world upside down.

Then this summer, Larry will be finished with his fellowship (yahoo!), which means he will be getting a real job (yahoo!), which means that we have to decide where we want to live and we are both feeling very nervous about that (it's always been left to a computer match before). His specialty is in high demand so he can apply almost anywhere in the country and we have no idea how to choose.

So we will be moving at some point.

And we will probably be buying a house.

I sort of wish we could just fast forward to that point and skip all the tough decisions and hard work involved and just have fun together.

All of that is out of my control at the moment so I choose to just focus on the next few months. I'm always a little sad to see the holidays end because I miss being together with all my family and my days suddenly seem a little empty without all of them around. I always need things to look forward to.

Just after Christmas, Creed helped me plant some amaryllis bulbs because I love have something green around at this time of year and it's fun to look forward to the blooms.
Since I'm looking forward to taking the time to cuddle with Tiny Ford as much as possible, I've also been busy with holiday preparations; Valentine surprises are in the works, small toys have been purchased for Easter Baskets, and would you believe that we are done shopping for Creed's birthday in March? (Although the party planning has not begun. I'm trying to convince him that he wants a Where the Wild Things Are party that he can wear his Halloween costume to, but he says he still wants a yellow party and he wants a 'struction cake, because he's rather obsessed with construction vehicles at the moment so I may have to go with that)
I'm looking forward to that new baby smell, and the valentine my dad always sends me, and heart shaped sugar cookies, and 2010 Newbery Award winners, and making Creed's birthday cake, and our moonlight/flashlight Easter egg hunt, and teeny tiny clothes in the laundry, and windy kite-flying weather, and spring bulbs emerging, and cozy forts inside while it's still cold, and more children's literature book club meetings,

and change,

and growth!

What are you looking forward to this year?


Sunny said...

I can relate so much to this post! My hubby is doing his internship this year and we are waiting (not so pateintly) for July to roll around so he can start his Dermatology residency and we can have more time together as a family. I am 1 present away from being done with my sons birthday shopping (2nd birthday, also in March), but have yet to finalize a theme either.

You are such an inspiration to me as a parent and a crafty person. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us!

WendyandGabe said...

That is a LOT of change for one year! Good luck with everything. I'm anxious to hear how it all turns out.

ellen said...

I made a list of 50 things to do this year and I'm already working on it.

Maybe you should move to Boston!

The Jensen Family said...

I am looking forward to you coming to visit me!

(I can hope can't I?)

Anonymous said...

2010 has a lot of fun things in store for you!

We're also finished shopping for Spencer's birthday in March. I didn't think it was that early, but maybe it is?

Creed's world might get turned upside down when Tiny Ford comes but I'd bet he'll be a great big brother.

I'm looking forward to Spencer being older this year as we celebrate things and enjoy the summer!

Cassie L. said...

I have probably told you this before but my change from one child to two was probably the most remarkable. I had no idea before that my heart had the capacity it did and it was a wonder for me to see that I could love many...and that continues and I am grateful for it. It also calmed me and evened me out in many ways as a mother - being able to not be not completely wrapped around just one human being (not that you are!) Also, I always think that best things I could have ever given any of my children is the gift of siblings. You may see Creed in a whole new way when you see him love his brother and that is one of the most priceless gifts I have had as a mother. Enjoy Steph - you have much to look forward to!!!!

Mom said...

Tiny Ford

Larry said...

I'll be honest, I'm excited about this year. True, the prospect of #2 is daunting, but so many of the changes ahead are ones long hoped-for, and, unlike past years' changes, we have so much more control.

Scary and exciting, but more exciting! And I'm excited to face the year with my best friend!!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Aw, How sweet is that last comment?

I'm looking forward to meeting my new nephew and all my friends' babies...including Tiny Ford!

I'm also on pins and needles seeing where you guys are going to end up. Hopefully not too far (in my own selfish point of view).