Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where oh where has my little blog gone . . .

Ok, before I get anymore emails from people wondering what happened to me, here's a quick update.  Larry worked ahead in his research so we could have Thanksgiving vacation off.  We spent the whole time staying with my parents in Provo and visiting Larry's grandpa.
We had Thanksgiving at my grandparents with a big crowd of friends and family.
So we did thisAfter some marathon shopping on Friday, my dad held Thanksgiving number two so my little sister and Mike could come (they had Thanksgiving with Mike's family).
So we did more of this.And then this (it's a Borup family tradition to always decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving).  Larry said let this photo be a reminder that I need no more Christmas decorations or I'll rick turning into my mom.  It takes her days to decorate the house.  DAYS!
So while the boys did this (yes the dug out the original Nintendo)
We did some of this.
And my mom did this (she always has perfectly coordinated gift wrap that changes every year and if you bring presents that don't match, she'll hide them)


Larry said...

A very fun protracted weekend.

(But you wouldn't guess it by the expression on Steph's parent's faces in the Nintendo and Christmas tree decorating pictures!)

Katherine said...

I bet it was fun being back with family for the holiday!