Friday, December 05, 2008

Get Thee to the Beehive Bazaar!

So twice a year, Provo has a craft fair that is actually cool. No, seriously, hear me out. Theh Beehive Bazaar is not your grandma's craft fair, it's a small indie craft fair with only local artists and it the BEST. Lucky me, now that I live in Utah, I actually got to go. My mom didn't believe me when I told her the fair opened at 9 pm on a Thursday night and from the website she didn't think there would be much that would interest her, boy was she wrong! It was crazy crowded and things were selling out so quickly because they had so many cute things I had never seen anywhere else. Here are a few things that caught my eye.

My friend Darcy had a booth called The Sleepy Fox. Unfortunately she doesn't have a website or Etsy shop that I know of and my camera battery was dead so this is her only item that I have a picture off. She made the cutest stuffed foxes, but I fell for the alligators. Be sure to check them out if you go.

Everything made by Persimmon & Pink, but especially their new religious line of prints. Larry and I were recently talking about how we don't have a lot of Mormon themed artwork in our house and I said that it wasn't that I didn't was religious things hanging in my house, it was that I didn't want UGLY things hanging in my house. Finally a solution to the problem! Larry often sings the church song "I Am a Child Of God" to Creed and he puts him in bed and that print is so simple yet brilliant. Not to mention she makes the cutest stuffed animals ever! Check out her blog here or her Etsy shop here.

And speaking of cool prints, I really loved Fall Down Tree. He had so much great work to choose from and his 10" x 10" prints were only $15.00. This one was probably my favorite.

These cute felt watches for babies and toddlers by Evie Ivy Overstreet were so cute! Don't you think Creed needs one? Though I can't explain why, he LOVES clocks, but he can't tell time so this would be perfect for him.

I also liked the alphabet prints by Leadbottom Press, but I don't think she has an online shop and her website is not so helpful so just keep your eyes peeled for them. Each one has a big letter in the center and a repeat pattern of the head of an animal that starts with that letter in the background.

I brought my friend Mary Ann along for the show and her favorite table was the vinylicious design table. I have to admit I was really tempted to by Creed a red vinyl covered notebook with a lighteningbolt on it to stash until he gets a little older and loves superheroes.

There was much more so you really should head on over and check it out. If you're closer to Salt Lake and not up for the drive it looks like Art Market has a lot of the same vendors. I'm hoping to check it out today.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the rundown. I've been debating if I should go. Looks worthwhile!

ellen said...

I WANT TO GO! But it's 2,000 miles away...