Monday, March 12, 2007

Celebrate good times

Friday night we took advantage of what might be our last chance for a date in awhile and went to see Ballet Met's Whodunit? I loved it, but Larry just wanted the characters to start talking. Truthfully the plot could have used a little more development, but the concept was so fun and each suspect was characterized so well through their style of movement. And can you really go wrong when you only paid $5 for your ticket? The marketing department is genius and they included quiz questions in the program so if you paid close attention to the performance you could enter your answers in their website afterwards for a chance to win tickets to their next performance.

Saturday I THOUGHT that we were going to Cat's for a Saint Patrick's Day lunch (she said her kids couldn't do it next weekend and I totally bought her story). Instead she surprised me with a baby shower with my friends from my old job at Columbus Commercial Realty. It was good to see some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. It made me really miss working in a bigger office with a lot of women.

I think this was the first baby shower that Larry has ever been to and of course he enjoyed it since it involved presents and a lot of good food.

We went to Target Saturday night to pick up a few things that we absolutely have to have when the baby comes so even though we still need a lot of things, I think we both feel a little more prepared. Larry worked Sunday night but they weren't busy so I stopped by and we took the maternity tour. Up until that point I thought I was pretty ready to have this baby, but it scared me a little and if he wants to wait to arrive closer to his due date, that's just fine with me!

I have three days of work left. Training my replacement has been going well so now I just need to find enough to keep us both busy for the next few days. I had another ultrasound today and we were hoping it would help us predict an arrive date, but it was no help at all. His head was too low to be able to accurately measure it, but my doctor is guessing he is about 6 1/2 lbs. She thinks he'll be about 8 lbs if I make it to my due date. I'm still not dilated AT ALL, but she said since his head is so low that doesn't mean anything. He could arrive tonight or wait three weeks and there's really no way to make an accurate predictions. I guess we'll just have to wait to find out!

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Larry said...

It wasn't my first baby shower, just my first since I was 4 or 5 years old, when I was suddenly not invited to them anymore. I think it was because at that particular shower I realized there were different foods for the kids and the adults, and I wanted some of the adult food, which was much better. I wasn't allowed, so I got all the kids together to ask their Moms in vain. That unsuccessful I just told them all where it was and we charged the food, and each had some before our mothers hauled us away.

So it's just my first shower in 26 years. And it was fun. We should have them more often!