Monday, March 05, 2007

Best weekend ever!

So I knew my sister Candice was coming up with her kids to spend the weekend with me so she could come to my baby shower on Saturday, what I didn't know was that she convinced my little sister, Marissa, to fly in from Las Vegas so we could all spend the weekend together. I was totally surprised. We haven't been all together since about a year and a half ago and that was for Marrisa's wedding so it was a little chaotic. Thanks to Larry baby-sitting the boys, we were able to have our first girls' weekend in a REALLY long time.

Candice took pictures at my shower since I was a little busy. My friends did such a great job planning everything. Katherine made assignments and made all of the invitations by hand (and did I mention that she had a baby a week ago and she was still there to make sure things went well?).

Rachel made food assignments and was totally thoughtful to include lots of things that I could eat (I love this picture that Candice took of her).

I'm sad that I missed a picture of Jessica, but she was busy being a wonderful hostess. She provided onesies and fabric markers so the guests could decorate them and she had an old fashioned pram to display all the gifts.

Thanks to everyone who made the day so special. It was one of those days that I just felt really lucky to know so many great people!


Larry said...

That's what we forgot to register for - a pram!! Be sure to add that to our list Steph.

It was a fun weekend with the boys, who are cute as ever.

Larry said...

And LOVE the "Ladies Man" shirt! I'm hoping I can squeeze into it.

Melinda said...

This is why I am excited for my daughter to have a sister close in age to her. You are the luckiest ever to have such great sisters!

Anonymous said...

It was pretty fun for us too. Who doesn't love a baby shower? Time to do what girls do best: talk, eat, and laugh.
Thanks for my "awkward glory" picture. :)