Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hugo gets his picture taken

The most stressful part of having Hugo was that most of my family was out of town: my mom was in Hawaii for two weeks, my dad was in Las Vegas and then flew to Oregon, Larry's mom and step-dad were in California, my Aunt who was supposed to be our backup plan was in Saint George running a marathon.  Luckily, Marissa was able to watch my kids for a morning and our sweet friends the Heywoods watched them for the rest of the weekend.  And our lucky streak continued because my sister Candice ended up being in town for a video shoot when Hugo was about a week old and she had just enough time to squeeze in a photo shoot for Hugo and she let me cry on her shoulder a bit too because I am an emotional mess for two weeks after having a baby.  I mean, who wouldn't get emotional looking at this sweet little guy?

 This is from Larry's favorite book to read to the boys.
The night before the photo shoot, I realized I didn't have any cute things to dress Hugo in that actually fit him so I cut up a maternity shirt and made him this little hat and leggings that I painted constellations on.

All photos by Candice Stringham Photography


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm just a random blog creeper but I have been wondering where you have been the last year and am delighted to find out you just had some exciting things happening in your life! Obviously you need to take care of life stuff before worrying about updating a blog, but just know that I was so happy to see your update!

Congrats on the beautiful baby!

lisa h. said...

congrats Stephanie! I'm so happy for you! I ran into holly Dotson a few months ago and she said your kids are in the same preschool - how crazy! I hope things are going well! great to see an update!

amyh said...

Congratulations, Stephanie! He's so adorable, and that outfit you made him is so cool.

MeganRuth said...

Candice takes such AMAZING pictures. Plus, Hugo is a pretty good model. Good work creating such a beautiful little boy!

Adi Radili said...

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Larry said...

Love these! So fun to think back.

R said...

Oh my gosh! I have been thinking about you a lot lately as we are getting ready to do another UT trip and one of the last times out there (Nov 2011) I had made plans to see you and then they fell through due to my brother's wedding. Anyhow, I have been wondering how you are and where your blog went and just checked!?! Congrats!!!! Wow. You are a busy mama. 3 kiddos sent me on a ride. But wow, he is a cute baby. I am so glad he is a more mellow baby for you. You guys are so great. We miss you greatly. Love to you and yours! And Merry Christmas!!!

Dehner Family said...

Hey Fords! Congrats on Hugo! He's adorable.
Hey Steph, Kurt needs to get in touch with you about an old health savings account. When you get a chance, will you contact him... kurt.dehner@apgohio.com

Anonymous said...

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