Thursday, August 09, 2012

I can't believe we've lived in Casa Ford for over a year.  It still likes there's still so much to do, and we haven't even begun to settle in.  Lately, I find myself obsessing over well-made, functional household items.  We're not buying much these days as we save to buy into Larry's practice, but I find myself putting more thought into what we do buy, and wanting them to be beautiful and long lasting (especially if it's going to be something that I see or use every day).

I remember when I was getting married, I looked around my parent's house and realized how much of their household items they'd had since they got married.  Every time I've been tempted to take a hand-me-down or buy something cheap as filler until we could afford what we really wanted, my mom coached me not to do it because once it goes in your house it's not a priority anymore and it will never be replaced.  And now I can't help but look around at some of the cheapo things we've been moving around with for years and knowing my mom was right.  When we moved into this house, we had very few belongings that I would have been sad to see fall out of the moving truck and be destroyed (most because it's just junk, but I have to admit some of it was just a case of bad taste when I got married at 21 and was still figuring out what I liked. Don't we all wish we could do the wedding registry over again?). Over this year, I've been working on purging some of those things that I never really loved, but made do with, but I still have a long way to go.  I'm finding I don't mind having the empty space, and it's fun to dream about the replacements, even if we won't be buying them anytime soon.

Here are a few little functional household things that I wish I owned because I actually would be sad to see them fall out of a moving truck.

This mirror to go on the landing by the garage door

 These trays, that fit together with such pretty geometry.
 I wouldn't mind tripping over these fabric covered extension cords.
 And this tissue holder that almost makes me wish I had the sniffles.
 Some sturdy new silverware because we are running dangerously low on spoons these days (What happened to all of them? I hope they are living a happy life while they tour abroad)

A drink dispenser of my own so I could stop borrowing one every time I throw a party.

 And if my laundry basket had to be in the corner of the bathroom, couldn't it at least look like this?
Is the fact that this is what I drool over these days an indicator that I'm getting old?


R said...

That is awesome. We are all getting old. ;)
In fact, I was just thinking to myself that this is your birthday month, no? I think it is coming up here in a couple weeks. So, I wanted to write you and say an early happy bday! And if I am way off, then let me know. But I am thinking Aug. 24th associated with your special day?
Love you and hope to see you again sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie...
I'm sure you have too much on your plate right now but I saw this and immediately thought of you. You would be perfect for any of these but the book editor really seemed great! Whatcha think??