Monday, April 02, 2012

Planning a surprise this Easter?

My friend Lisa always has some wonderful surprise up her sleeve so I love doing the same for her. Last year, her birthday fell around Easter. As I was brainstorming, I kept turning to these hollow chocolate eggs that I had on my mantel.  When I saw them at Costco, I knew we could do something fun with them (Costco has them again this year).

We ended up using them to make a treasure hunt for Lisa, leading to her birthday gifts.  Larry and I made up the clues on the spot so we could look for clever hiding places in her apartment (like behind a hollow clock hanging on a wall, buried in the sandbox, inside a box of food in the freezer, hidden in the pocket of some jeans in a stack of pants in the closet, and under the hollow base of a globe). We were giggling maniacally the whole time we were putting the hunt together.
 We left a note just inside of her front door after we carefully poked holes in the bottom of the eggs and slipped clues into them and hid them. I was worried about the eggs falling apart when we poked holes in them, but we didn't ruin a single one and they looked perfect once we wrapped them back up.
 Thanks to Larry, some of the clues were crazy hard, but we knew Lisa and her husband Tyler love a good challenge and by the end of the night, they found her gifts.
I think this would be so fun to do with older kids to lead them to their Easter baskets or any Easter surprises that are too big for their baskets.  Sheesh, why doesn't Creed just grow up already!

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Nikki said...

I LOVE this idea! And you, my dear, never cease to amaze me. : )