Sunday, November 06, 2011

Have you seen my sister Candice's mantle all decked out for Halloween?

And my mom's mantle, which was equally amazing?

 Incredible, right?  You should check out both of their blogs to see all of their decorations.  I, on the other hand, was sort of a Borup family fail.  My style has evolved and I don't really love most of the decorations that I have anymore nor do I think they really belong in my house so I just put out some pretty pumpkins and some mouse silhouhettes and paper decorations my mom brought over, and called it good.

But then I was hosting bookclub and the only part of my house decorated for Halloween was my kitchen.  What's a girl to do, but call her mom into action while she whisked her son off to ice skating lessons.

An hour later, I arrived home to this, because my mom is magic.


Rob said...

I love you l house! I am sure everyone tells you that, but it is beautiful! I am so jealous, I wish I had the time or money to make mine look so good. Well, done.
-Diedre Gray(a friend of Elisa)

mandi said...

Wow! She IS awesome!

petrol rc cars said...

Those pumpkins and your layout is fabulous. It is a joy to visit and see what you made for us. You really pulled all your techniques together for this card. The way you colored them is perfect.

Sarah DelGrosso said...

Love! Beautiful - must run in the family. Wish those decorating genes would rub off on me. :)