Friday, September 03, 2010

How we spent our summer vacation

Between having an infant, job hunting, and moving; this summer has flown by.  Fall is my favorite season, so after the Fourth of July, I usually crave fall.  Instead, this year I'm savoring what's left of summer. 

 Larry and I had a list of things we hoped to do this summer (do you make lists like that?).  The past few weeks we've been busy trying to check some things off the list.  

So here are a few ways we've been savoring the end of summer (some from the list and some pleasantly unexpected).

Riding the rides at Liberty Park
Picking our fill of blackberries at the Davids'.
Playing with cousins as much as possible.
Wearing our selves out with much anticipated adventures (like seeing Toy Story Three)

Riding bikes.
Hanging out at the park.
Visiting the farmers market (weird that I only took a picture of the boys at the farmers market, but I guess I was busy buying and eating delicious things)
Introducing Creed to Drive-in movies (It was a big hit)
Adopting new pets.
Growing some impressive thighs!
Escaping the heat with road trips/adventures in the mountains.
With this guy at the wheel when he's not working at his two jobs.
Stopping whenever we spot something we know someone in our family will love.
And now we are trying to think ahead and prepare for our next trip with a little help from our friends.

A few of our plans for the summer have been foiled (no camping at Payson Lake due to aggressive bears in the area, no Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City due to lack of babysitters and time off), but that just gives us something to look forward to in summers to come, right? Truthfully, I like to have my summer to-do list a bit too long to actually accomplish because I wouldn't want to run out of things to choose from whenever we have a spare moment.

Now my mind is spinning with possibilities for next summer's list and ways we might cross a few more things off our list this summer.


Nikki said...

After looking at pictures of Creed on your blog this afternoon, Audrey said, "I need to go see him!" We are missing you and loving the updates on your blog.

Asay Family said...

I know your blog post was not a shout out fora sitter but I am here to tell you that we will watCh your 2 boys anytime so ya'll can get away. Tre' will love the company and hopefully that way the boys can get to know each other better.

David said...

Good for you - we're not ready to call it quits on summer yet either. We are still having back yard movies, and planning a camping trip! And, I must say, I think I like to keep the summer to-do list a bit too long as well... 'least that is the way it always ends up!